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Thank you for visiting DK DONGSHIN Co., Ltd.

DK DONGSHIN welcomes you to the
'world of steel pursuing prosperity of mankind and its harmony with nature.'

DK DONGSHIN is growing into the world's best company in pre-coated steel sheet market by overcoming numerous challenges and changes.

We are truly acknowledged that it was the strength of your sincere care and trust which made DK Dongshin possible to achieve such outstanding results on behalf of all our staffs. We express our thanks and appreciation to you with the whole true heart.

DK DONGSHIN will keep on pushing on to become the world best company by putting old customs aside and always seeking for changes with innovative mind. We promise to provide you with products which are practical in everyday life and which can move customers' heart at the same time.

Furthermore, we assure you with our indomitable challenging spirit and continual research on eco-friendly products.

We kindly ask of you to keep an eye on DK DONGSHIN leading the world's steel market with sincere interest.

Thank you.

Executives and staff members of DK DONGSHIN