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Providing the richness of life and nature,That's the dream of DK Dongshin.
DK Dongshin jumps up to the global leader of Pre Coated Metal

DK Dongshin produced and commercialized the Pre Coated Metal for the first time in Korea since the foundation in 1976. we are producing the material for home appliances and construction which are very close to our lives. Our Pre Coated Metal products make harmony of nature and life spaces. DK Dongshin always reflects the customer's needs and jumps up the global leader of Pre Coated Metal with endless innovation.

Name DK Dongshin Co.,Ltd
CEO Lim, Dong Kyu
Date of Establishment 1976. 7.
Capital \22,050,000,000
Year of Sales \133,000,000,000 ('2020)
Number of Employee 122
  • Pre-Coated Metal Sheets